Risk Assessments

It is a legal requirement for every employer and self-employed person to make a risk assessment of the health and safety risks arising out of their work. For businesses with 5 or more employees, this must take the form of a written risk assessment. Risk assessments should be carried out by a competent person; this is someone with the necessary knowledge, training and experience to complete the task.

Risk assessments follow a 5 step process

  • Identify the hazards e.g. electrics, machinery, trips & slips
  • Identify who may be harmed e.g. employees, visitors
  • Evaluate the risks & the controls in place, do you need to do more to prevent harm?
  • Record the findings and communicate to all relevant personnel
  • Review the risk assessment regularly or when changes occur, e.g. changes to working practices or new technology

Our approach to health and safety is one of sensible risk management, which aims to reduce risk by implementing reasonably practicable control measures. Risk management is a dynamic process which will require regular reviews that reflect any changes in your businesses.

Health and Safety Communications can act as your competent person, carrying out your risk assessments for you, or provide risk assessment templates and training so that you can carry them out for yourself.